Past Directors

Eugene La Barre (band director in 1917?)
Found on a poster about this professional municipal band, it touted “Soloists of National Reputation, Male Quartette, Saxophone Quartette, Triple Quartette of Saxophones and All Up-To-The Minute Novelties.

Bill Call (years ?)
The first band commission appointed conductor. The year was probably 1937 as through efforts of Local 26 of the American Federation of Musicians and interested citizens a band tax was passed. The revenue from this small tax assures the community of over 25 concerts a year.

Forrest Woodman (1941? to 1949)
Mr. Woodman was for many years, the supervisor of music in the Peoria public schools.

Paul Vegna (1949 to 1962)
Paul came to Peoria in 1939 after playing and conducting bands and theater orchestras in St. Louis. He played baritone horn, trombone and saxophone – replaced in February of 1962 by a band comission vote.

Fred Huber (1962 to 1991)
Fred, a graduate of Peoria Manual, earned his bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Illinois in 1935 and his master’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan. He began teaching in the Peoria Public schools in 1936. He played violin, viola and string bass. He retired after the 1990 season.

David Vroman (1991 till present)

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